Facebook is the original social medium, offering a diversity of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. We implement effective Facebook strategies for everything from games to advertising to sharing of content. Just because your 20-year-old receptionist is on Facebook all day doesn’t mean she should be running your company’s page.


    Smart phones and tablets take ‘online’ to a new level. Screen sizes, bandwidth and operating systems create the need not just for mobi sites, but native apps as well. We manage the complete app development process, from concept to implementation.


    We have developed websites for entities as diverse as a university chemistry department, a Thoroughbred stud farm, a catering company, a wine exporter and more. We are firm believers that websites are not there just because everyone else has one, but because they have a job to do. To borrow from Medic Alert, a website “speaks for you when you cannot”.


    By every measure possible, online shopping is growing very fast indeed. To say that we are passionate about transacting online would not be an understatement. We have at least 10 years’ experience in this field, covering everything from web development to sales management and order fulfillment.

  • eMAIL

    We have been using email as a sales and communications tool since the late 90s. Our objective – always – is to inspire or motivate people to take an action (hence, ‘call-to-action’). Email adds an additional dimension to our ecommerce capabilities.


    The consumption of YouTube videos has increased by 50% in the past year. As much as we love the written word, online video is an essential component in a digital communications strategy. As with the other areas in which we work, we take care of the entire process from concept to production and uploading.


    We love testing our language abilities against Twitter’s fabled 140 character limit. The platform may share the social media landscape with Facebook, but many of its ground rules are quite different. It’s not just a one-to-many stream, it’s also many-to-one (in other words, it’s listening space as well).

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